Our Parent Support Group Little Surprise for Teacher's Day Celebrations

Friday, September 01, 2017

[Picture-Heavy] I never knew the significance of Teacher's Day (erm, since I left school so long ago LOL) until the toddler is currently enrolled in half-day childcare where I am a parent volunteer. Dun ask me why Im a parent volunteer aka PSG Parent Support Group also la.. 😝 Although people say to me, "You very free hor?" or, "Do already also no use - no affiliation to primary school what." .. I just want to say that sometimes in life we shouldn't do things with an agenda? We dont have to have a reason for everything we do .. just go with an open heart and mind and sometimes the results astonish you more than you can ever expect. Im grateful to know more people, the fellow mothers in my PSG group who are so lovely and generous with their time and effort to a fault but also, to see the smiles of the teachers who appreciate our little thoughts because we appreciate them for caring and nurturing our children. :)
Our Parent Support Group Little Surprise for Teacher's Day Celebrations 
We set up a mini commitee for the Teacher's Day Celebrations about 2 months prior to Teacher's Day (which is about the time we ended our PSG Art Contributions to the school's art exhibition). We have regular bi-weekly meetings to meet up and discuss what we will be doing for Teacher's Day and everyone was excited to contribute in some way or another. I did quite abit of Pinterest research (Hahaha) and showed ideas to my fellow PV (parent volunteers) and we brainstormed to come up with the design and contribution to the buffet etc. My other PVs even made a sweet video with a poem for the teachers! #effort
The Night Before 
Because the set-up was going to be a surprise for the teachers, we had to go in and decorate the night before with the help of our PSG staff team.
The before - a window at the main entrance area of the school 
Setting up our flora theme deco 
Brought my fairy lights, flowers and light box and we filled the area with several handwritten cards and drawings that parents had secretly passed to the school director! (She sent out a mass email to the parents behind the teacher's backs!) 😁
*Edited to add : We tried to make this as zero/low budget as possible. As per instructed by the school director, she didnt want to 'raise funds' or get any parents donations or buy extravagant gifts/donations to the school so thats why she sent the mass email to parents to make something simple and handwritten for the teachers so that we can use it for the display. I thought it was an awesome gesture and truthfully, one doesnt need to have fancy stuff or bring in acrobats to prove a point. Simple, heartfelt cards like these mean a world doesnt it? 😊
I printed this lovely card to frame from the very talented and generous Daprayer
Exhausted coz it was rather warm and all the pasting and climbing and also coz we ended around 9pm but our hearts are full! 💓 Cant wait for the next day!
Teacher's Day Celebrations in School 
#Iloveinstagramfilters lol
Sent the son to school and yes! Happy to see our display and positive reactions from all the teachers!
The lovely cards bring a smile to everyone~
We also printed and displayed the emails that some parents sent in!
Our little buffet for the staff 
I brought these lovely strawberry jam blossoms!
Teachers enjoying their break time! 
Since its still a school day, the teachers and staff have to makan in batches ~ kudos to all for working so tirelessly! 💪
My other fellow PSG mamas who took the effort to collage, print and frame pictures for the individual classes! A surprise gift for all the teachers to put in their respective classrooms!  
The look on their faces were priceless! 
Even the kids were going .."Teacher teacher this is you!"
Our ever gorgeous Ms Charis - the school's Art Specialist! 
We did the PSG Art exhibition with her previously spending quite a lot of time together, so we were glad to make her smile too! 
Continuing our 'gifts'!
Im the unofficial photographer la 😉 
Love the reactions! 
Elroy's class! 
The kids were looking at their own pictures! 😅
Group pic!
Had a tiring but such a fulfilling day spending time with the toddler's teachers and all the staff in school! I got to know them a little better, and also it was so sweet when Elroy started saying "Mama do this" 👉referring to the Teacher's Day display to his teachers! Awww ~
Polaroids for all teachers to bring back at the end of the day! Hope they have a good time and wonderful memory on Teacher's Day! 💝
Its something very small compared to the hard work they all put in for our kids and future generation! 
Elroy's presents for his class teachers 
I really have no idea what to gift this year, honey..? Chocolates? Pouches? Stationary? Flowers? Browsing Pinterest, I thought this was a rather cute idea so I did a small manicure set for them - hope they like it!
In my favorite pink packaging no less! 
Something small! 
Even the bubs had fun that day and Im so, so glad all our hard work paid off! 
"It takes a big heart to shape little minds." 
Happy Teacher's Day to all! 
Thanks for looking! 💋

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