Whats in My Jujube TokiPops Starlet Diaper Bag

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hi guys! So by now you would have known that we're expecting a baby! Im currently into the last trimester of my pregnancy, and baby no.2 is going to be full-term next week. Being second time parents now, I *think* we are kinda prepared and not so kar-lang-kar-bot (fazzled) as the previous time. 😜 Since we have all the other baby stuff already from baby no.1's time (Click Here), I realize I hardly bought anything new this time since most of kor kor's stuff are still in pristine condition and we can re-use almost everything once again. That's also why I believe in quality over quantity - I know some people will ask why do we spend so much on say, the cot, high chair or stroller etc but really, they are built last forever and to grow with baby, and even at this moment - we can use it once again for the newborn. Anyways .. I digress. 
Whats in My Jujube TokiPops Starlet Diaper Bag 
Speaking of durability, undoubtedly I'm going to choose my favorite diaper bag brand Jujube to pack all my essentials for my hospital bag! Im so excited coz they are going to launch a new collection called TOKIPOPS (all you Pink Ladies would have known by now!) and I cant wait to share this new print with all of you who are anticipating the official launch! Once again as with all Jujube bags, Tokipops is made of Teflon® fabric protector which repels stains and its antimicrobial lining inhibits and reduces surface growth of odor causing bacteria, mould and mildew. 
Let's just stare at how pretty it is for a moment .....
In pretty hues of pink, red, blue and lotsa of donuts.. the Tokipops collection is possibly the most delicious print with yummilicious colorful cereal, cherry yogurt and even a peanut butter character!
The zipper pulls are uniquely diamond-shaped too! 
Donutella is the star this time round once again!
The baby blue lining provides a refreshing pop of color and it stands out so prettily!
Peeking in the Starlet ($129), the material makes it light and durable with several essential pockets (one large one at the back for files and a smaller zipper pocket in front, good for spare change and cards) The duffle bag size also means its great as an overnight bag or a staycation bag so I reckon that it will be a perfect style for my hospital stay too! 
My OCD-ness is screaming with joy coz using my smaller Jujube bags, everything seem to fit so well in the Starlet and its so organized! 
A quick look of whats in the smaller bags 
Speaking from experience, I didnt need the 101 things that I brought to the hospital the last time round coz the hospital has most of the necessities (eg pads and newborn diapers - u can bring your own to save cost) or some things we could also easily buy from the pharmacy downstairs. So basically this is a very minimal list of things that I would prefer to bring eg Nursing pillow, my own blanket, essential oils (I think I might even pack my diffuser! LOL) and slippers etc to make myself as comfortable as I can be away from home. I would even pack my own toiletries (esp facewash and moisturizer) and some makeup so I look decent if I have visitors! A lip balm is really necessary. I remember having dry lips in the hospital previously. 
Edit to add :
Im also bringing disposable underwear and my binder from the previous hospital stay (For Natural Birth mamas). In addition, I will bring my own maternity pads coz my friend passed me some, and  remember to prepare a baby car seat if you are not taking public transport home. 
Im so glad that Tokipops is such a pretty print and just by looking at it really made packing my hospital bag a breeze! 💓
Now I cant wait to see the rest of the collection! Just hope I dun go into labor on launch day ....😅
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

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