Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch Review

Monday, September 25, 2017

Is it me or does the Koreans have such incredible skin because of the sheer number of beauty products and pharmaceutical companies that are in their country?? Like seriously they have all the best and most innovative skincare and makeup ever! Just this month alone I realized I have been using nothing Korean skincare ~ LOL😊 p.s and now listening to Jay Park while I do this review. *Swoon* He so cute and talented omg his songs da bomb. 💫
Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch Review
Labottach is a pharmaceutical company established in Korea for more than 25 years focusing in research and developing pharmaceutical products . Labottach's main concern are skin problems faced by women when it comes to aging/acne problems.
Hmm aging problems.. sounds like me 👻
Labottech has a couple of skincare products and masks that target to help aging skin but I shall review their Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch first in the meantime. As you all know Im pregnant right now and pretty selective about the products that I use during this period of time. With pregnancy, most skincare products are actually quite safe - but I cant do any facial treatments in the meantime so masks are the easiest and best way to maintain my skin condition at the convenience of my own home 😃 
Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch
V-Chin Beauty Care Patch is specifically designed for intensive care for saggy chin skin. With its unique design, this mask restores the skin lacking elasticity due to its innovative formulation. Due to the hydrogel* technology of the patch it is giving moisturizing and soothing effect. 
Ingredients include 
- Conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) - Caffeine - Hyaluronic acid
- Bioflavonoids (Citrus flavonoids) - Tocopheryl acetate - Argan oil
- Avocado oil - Collagen - Green tea extract - Ceramide
A little to add about what Labottach specialize in - Unlike a normal mask, their patch is also known as a *hydrogel patch, which is a kind of material that can prevent the main ingredients from evaporating, and constantly provide moisture to the skin for 6~8 hours. It is also a recommended night care solution that provides intensive care to the skin. 
Instructions : Use on clean dry skin, simply peel off transparent film and apply mask covering chin. Hook the holes on both sides to ears. Leave on for at least 6-8 hours for best effects. Or at least 1 hour if possible.
Each box comes with 2 packs of two masks.
Initially I tot that it will be dripping with serum or what-not but to my surprise its totally dry! There is a light whiff of scent, which smells quite subtle.
'Holes' to hook your ears in
Just like the name suggests, the Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch promises to deliver effective ingredients into skin and over time, lifting saggy problem areas around the chin.
Application is a breeze without any dripping serum honestly. It was mess-free and in addition, it feels like a soft hydrogel mask that is slightly stretchable. It did feel a little tight but definitely not in an uncomfortable way. Like a bandage perhaps? It was rather cooling also, and I could comfortably lie down on my pillow and read the news or watch tv with zero discomfort. Although the toddler was quite intrigued with it and wanted to pull if off my face several times. 😅 
I found the mask easy to apply and the best way is to apply it before bedtime and leave it on the entire night to maximise the benefits. So, is my face V-shaped? I think the Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch is the next best thing I can use to get rid of water retention and help me achieve a sharper jawline ! 😇 For best results do use it overnight, I did and I realized that my jawline does infact look more taut and sharper with lesser water retention the next morning. 
 Labottach V-Chin Beauty Care Patch retails at $15.90 for a box of 4 and can be found at BHG Bugis stores, or online at their Qoo10 shop link here :
For more info, please head to :
Labottach Shop Website :
Labottach Facebook Page SG :
Instagram Page :
Thanks for looking! Wishing everyone a great start to the week ahead xo

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